Meet Natalie

Hey there! I’m Natalie and I love puppies, anything chocolate, having karaoke sessions at any moment, and spending time with loved ones.

Things I crave? Jesus, a beautiful day at the pool with a good book, sunsets, my dogs, adventures, and Harry Potter marathons every now and then.

What I believe? I believe that life is better when you are walking with others. I believe that being truthful about your brokenness makes you relatable, because let’s be real no one is perfect. I believe that God has a purpose for each person, and that you just have to be willing to listen.

What else do I love and believe to be true? I believe that everyone makes mistakes and falls short, but our God is so powerful and awesome that all of those mistakes have been/are still being washed away. I love knowing whenever we fall short that God is there with open arms to help us up again.

I started writing this blog to share my journey with God and all the beautiful little bumps on the way. Being vulnerable about my walk and how God has helped me each step of the way is what Christians are meant to do. I believe that God has called me at this point of my walk to spread his word through my story.

I know that if you stick around and dive into the word with me that we will grow a community that will allow each of us to go out and make disciples for God. So sit back, open your bible, get your pens ready, and lets go on our journeys together.