This post does not contain any affiliate exposure. It contains my thoughts on special places in my town!

Explore Used and Rare Book Stores

A couple of weeks back me and my friends decided to explore our town a little bit. On our adventure we stopped at this very cute book store called The Black Swan. The owner is a very nice man who is very knowledgeable in all different genres of books. It brought him so much joy when we began to ask questions about what he likes. We spent 2 hours just looking at each  section of all different genres. I can honestly say this is by far one if the best days I have had in my new little town. I encourage you to seek out a unique bookstore and get lost in the different worlds the books have to offer.

Pick a Unique Restaurant to Eat at

On the same day we decided to pick a restaurant that none of us had visited yet and go to eat there. Full disclosure I was on my Day 28 of my Whole30 journey so we had to find somewhere with a healthy option I could eat. We ended up going to this little restaurant called Shakespeare and Co. It is set up is very cute and was a perfect way to end our girls day. We found it by using and searching for either a small business or a not so big chain eatery that none of us had been to. Each town has there own specialty so make sure to do some research on it before you go!

Reading in the Park

Most places do have parks that you can spend a beautiful sunny day reading and enjoying outside. Fortunately the University Kentucky has a beautiful arboretum that I can go and venture to if need be. If you didn’t notice I love books, so I am all for a day of relaxing and reading. If you don’t like reading you can still treat yourself to a picnic because everyone deserves to treat themselves to fun things like that every now and then! The town you are visiting should have a visitors website that gives you a list of all the public parks available to you.

Get a Massage

This may not be for everyone but I am all about getting a massage. I like it so much that I get a massage every month as a treat for working hard throughout the month. I go to Massage Envy and enjoy their membership because they are in most towns, so even when I travel I am able to continue my treat. However, if you are not feeling Massage Envy again look on for spas and massage therapy around you to find one that is perfect for you.

Take a Drive Down the Scenic Route

Kentucky is a very beautiful state that has horse farms for days. If I just want to get out of the house but don’t want to dress up I will take a joy ride. When my parents visited around July 4th last year we decided to spend the day in a way that represents America to the fullest…meaning we took a bourbon distillery tour at Woodford Reserve. While I am not the biggest fan of bourbon I have to admit I enjoyed the chocolate they gave us at the tasting to pair with the bourbon. I also enjoyed the tour itself! I got some amazing pictures of the land as well of the process. After the tour we decided to take the long way home while we stopped and took pictures of the land.

Go to a Movie

I love going to the movies. I also love going to the movies alone. I feel like it is a right of passage to be able to walk in the theater order your food and just enjoy the movie. I mostly enjoy it because I am able to pick the time that works best for me and I don’t have to worry about anyone asking questions during the movie. Down side to that is not having anyone to talk about the movie with after. However, my mom hear all about the movie where I almost end up ruining it for her…SORRY MOM!

I usually go to the Movie Tavern near me because Alabama didn’t have a movie theater that you could order food from your seat, and then press a button to have a foot rest during the movie.  If you have never been to a Movie Tavern and have one near you I highly recommend it. I will warn you that it is pricey, so I only go when I really want to see the movie.

Go Hiking

I enjoy being outside when it isn’t raining. I also like to explore. Therefore hiking is on my list of things to do in a new town.  My dad and I went hiking back in Alabama a year ago in the really cool bamboo forest. I recommend looking on Pinterest for hiking near you, and take the recommendation that the bloggers tell you about. More than likely they go there often so they can give you tips on finding that perfect photo spot!

Go to an Aquarium/Zoo/Amusement Park/Baseball Game

I am a sucker for all things entertainment. You can bet that this category is the first one I look up when looking into a new town. Thankfully there is an amusement park close to me called King’s Island. It isn’t Disney World but it definitely sparks my interest. I still haven’t completely explored it; however, the rides I did go on were amazing. I also ventured here alone just because I was still pretty new to Kentucky when I went, but I am sure it is a lot of fun to explore with friends. Also, check out how far away the nearest zoo or aquarium is and get to it! I went to the New Port Aquarium on May 4th and they happened to bless the guest with Star Wars theme day. That was a nice surprise.

If you are still bored and can’t find anything to do a perfect night at the ball park eating a hot dog is the way to go!

Take Up a Sport (Club or Individual)

If you are the sporty type of person that enjoys getting your exercise, but do not completely fancy a hike out in the wilderness I suggest looking up gymnasiums for basketball, local club sports teams, or a hobby. I recently started playing tennis again, and man did I miss it. Not only do I get a day each week that I know I will work out, but it also gives me something to look forward to each week.

Just for fun! If you always get interested in Curling after each Winter Olympics here is the website for North America club teams you can join if it is near you. My mom and I joke each time that we are going to be on the women’s team the next go around, but honestly it is never to late to try!

Go to a Local Coffee Shop

Lastly, if you are a coffee drinker or a tea drinker I recommend going to different coffee shops around you. There is a really cool spot near the University of Kentucky called Daily Offering Coffee Roastery that I recommend all my visitors to go to before leaving! They not only have drinks, but they also have food so I am all for it! I like to explore the hole in the wall coffee shops because I enjoy supporting local businesses.


All that being said make sure to do your research before going to explore your new town whether you just moved, have lived there a while, or just visiting. Nothing is more disappointing than showing up to a place to find out they are closed. Also, if you aren’t getting the right vibe don’t feel like you have to stay just because you drove all the way to see the place.


Now go out and EXPLORE!


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