Enjoy the Little Things

When I lived in Alabama I always prayed for the winter to come because well it is just so dang hot in Alabama. I wanted to wear my sweaters, drink hot chocolate, and sit around bonfires.  Then when the winter season comes I’m all about the spring. When spring comes I want summer. Pretty much I am always looking forward to what is next to come instead of living in the moment.

Now there is nothing wrong with me looking forward to the future in some ways. I have this neat app that will allow me to put in a date and it will start a count down for how many days I have until my next event or trip (if you are curious the app I have is just called Countdown). These things help keep me excited about what is to come; however, they also tend to speed up time. That is the issue. We only get so many days and to quote my dad, “Time flies faster the older you get.” I never really believed that until I started working. Here I am almost a year into my job and it seems like I started yesterday.

The thing that I have to do is to push myself to continue to enjoy the little things in life. This could be anywhere from finding that recipe on Pinterest and actually mastering it all the way to the day I adopted my very beautiful and loving cat. These little things help form memories and they actually prepare us for the bigger things in life.

Wait, what? How can the little things help make an impact on the big things you ask? Well it is true. All those little accomplishments and little things like coffee meetings with a friend help shape us and prepare us for the bigger things. If all I did was focus on the big things in life and forget to enjoy the little things, then later on the big things don’t seem that big or as important any more.

God cherishes all the little moments with us. He does this because those little moments are what shape us into what he planned for us to be. Have you ever heard of being in it for the journey and not the destination. If all we do is look forward to the destination, not only do we forget to stop and smell the roses, but we also get to the destination and have nothing to prove that we enjoyed getting there.

I know it is easier said than done, believe me, but try living in the moment more and enjoying the things that make you happy. Eat that donut if you want. Go outside and enjoy the sun, or snow in my case. Live your life instead of living for a date.

Remember God took his time on us and this wonderful world that we live in, so take time out of your day to enjoy at least one little thing.


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