Mark Chapter 5-6

Chapter 5

Jesus Heals a Man with a Dream

This part of Jesus’ story starts out with the group in the country of the Gerasenes. Jesus steps off a boat and is immediately in a tomb where a man with an unclean spirit comes out to. The story behind the man in the graveyard is that he was there because people were afraid of him due to the unclean spirit within him. The man had unhuman strength where no chains could hold him. He cried among the tombs night and day, and he cut himself.

Then he saw Jesus. He knew who Jesus was. The man went running towards Jesus and fell down on his knees. The man asked Jesus what He wanted, and begged Jesus not to torture him. Jesus commanded the unclean spirit, named Legion, into the pigs near them.  Jesus is all powerful that He commands the enemy to not talk and to obey Him.

After the man became free from the spirit he asked Jesus if he could come with the group. Jesus told him in verse 5:19, “Go home to your friends and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you.” Jesus sent the man back to his friends so that he could proclaim the truth to his friends, so that he could change his own world.

We need to be able to stand on our own and tell others what God has done in our lives.

Jesus Heals a Woman and Jarius’s Daughter

We now go with Jesus on the boat again and cross the water to his next miracle. There are two miracles that happen in this part of the journey. Jesus heals a woman who has bleed for 12 years, and a daughter of a teacher in the synagogue. Both of the stories are connected because they both show that with faith God can heal whatever is going on in our lives.

The woman who bleed for 12 years believed that Jesus could heal her. She did all she could just to touch Jesus because she knew that through him she would be made new.

Jarius, the ruler of the synagogue, came to find Jesus because he believed his daughter was dying. Jesus was his last resort. By the time that the group reached the house Jarius’s daughter was said to be dead. Jesus told Jarius in verse 5:36, “Do not fear, but believe.” Jesus healed the daughter and made it seem that she was just ill. Jesus had to tell Jarius to believe; however, He didn’t have to tell the woman who touched Him to believe.

This story makes take a step back to think. Of two different types of believers. Take a minute and think about yourself. Do you believe in God and all that He does as a last resort when you have tried everything else, or do you go out each day seeking Him knowing that He can make all things new?

If it’s the first one, it’s okay. We have all been there. The way that changed my life from going to God as a last resort to Going to God as my first resort is prayer. Prayer is the easiest way to give everything to God.

Go ahead and take a break to pray about whatever is on your heart before you read on through chapter 6.

Chapter 6

Jesus Rejected in Nazareth and He Sends Out the Twelve Apostles

Starting out chapter 6 we are back in Jesus’ hometown. This was the same place that his family took him away due to being embarrassed (Mark:21). It is seen yet again that His family and friends from home really did not believe He is more than a teacher. They make comments about Jesus being the carpenter in Mark 6:3. What is so ironic about this is that Jesus fixes our hearts and lives, and He shapes us into a beautiful masterpiece just like a carpenter does.

However, because they didn’t believe in what He could do, Jesus was unable to move powerfully in His own town. That lets us know that we won’t have people wanting to listen to us each time we try to share the gospel, but we do not need to get discouraged.

We can see this again when Jesus tells the disciples to go out and to stay in towns until the word is spread, but if a village does not want to hear the truth to move on and brush the dust off their feet. This shows the importance of staying on the move to spread the word, and to leave the places that don’t want to hear the truth of God’s grace and mercy. Those places have their chance to hear the Word. Jesus makes it a point to tell them to not be discouraged at this, but to continue on spreading the Word of God to those who want to hear.

The Death of John the Baptist

Here we see the story of John’s mission coming to an end. Herod has heard through the grapevine of a prophet like John going around teaching of the Lord and a new kingdom that will break out. Herod began to think of John, who he had beheaded, being raised and spreading the word. Herod switched the two up. Herod had the idea right for Jesus, and it is also ironic that he makes this assumption due to Jesus dying and being raised up to continue His teachings by preparing the others.

John’s death is the first of those in Jesus’ journey for spreading the Word of God.

Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand

This is the iconic story of Jesus breaking bread and feeding those who came to hear His teachings. However, when I was a child I saw this as people came to see Him at a planned meeting. Now as an adult I read it better as an unplanned meeting that Jesus had two options: Send the people away who needed Him the most, or for Jesus to start teaching.

I could understand completely if He told the crowd, “Guys, let us sleep for a day because we have been traveling. I will give you my full attention tomorrow.” However, Jesus knew the importance of teaching to the crows because they were like “sheep without a shepherd.”

Although the people had a king, he was far away eating his food and going to parties where his family ask for people to be served on a platter. The people also had their leaders that seem to do more pointing fingers about who makes the laws or not than good in communities based on the past stories. Jesus is the hope for the crowd. His words will move mountains in their lives. He brings new creation, which is symbolized in the breaking of the bread and the fish to be passed around to the whole crowd.

If Jesus can feed five thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fish just think and imagine what He can do in your life!

Jesus Walks on Water and Heals the Sick in Gennesaret

Up until now we have seen Jesus cast out demons from people, heal the sick, calm storms, and make more food out of a small portion. He has done miracle after miracle, so walking on water shouldn’t be such a surprise to anyone. Yet it is!

Jesus has all authority over nature, which can be seen in Mark 4:35-41 when Jesus calms the storm. When He walks on water it yet again opens up sight to His world.

Although He is powerful, He is loving. He calls us to grasp onto Him and to be made new through Him.



Jesus calls us to give our lives completely to Him. Are you giving each day to Christ, and following the calling He has put on your heart?  

I pray that this week God softens your heart so that you may see how wonderful His love is. I pray that you listen to His calling for you.


Comment below what God is calling you to do and how He is moving through you!




4 thoughts on “Mark Chapter 5-6

  1. Lyvonnia says:

    “We need to be able to stand on our own and tell others what God has done in our lives.”

    This is scary at times. I let an opportunity pass me by recently. Thanks for the challenge to be bold for Christ.


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