How to Change Up Your Bible Study

Starting a Bible study can be scary. Trust me I was have been there before. I was the person who would read the words, but afraid to underline anything because… I mean it is the Bible. However, when I started coloring, highlighting, and writing in my Bible something amazing happened, I began to meet God at the cross. Think of the Bible as little moments you have with someone as you start to form a friendship. The word in the Bible are those moments that make my relationship with Christ so precious and beautiful. Every mark I make and every word I write creates a wonderful memory I have with God.

Things I Use for Bible Studies

When I started diving into the Word I was worried I was going to do something wrong. How silly is that? The most important thing you need to understand about doing a Bible study is that it is completely your time with God.

Now that we have the fear part of the bible study out of the way let’s move on to the fun part…THE JOURNEY!

Materials for My Bible Study

  • I use a single column journaling Bible for my studies. Any Bible will do, but I enjoy IMG_1525.JPGthe space I have to write out my though.
  • For the color coding, I use the Twistable Colored Pencils I bought at the airport on one of my trips!
  • The Bible Verse Mapping I use a normal pencil, pen, and Paper mate Flair coloredpens.
    • I use the pencil to circle the points I want and draw the arrows.
    • I use the pen to write out my thoughts.
    • I then use the colored pens to trace back over the pencil so that I have some order.

I have used a couple of different things to help me do bible studies. I have used a journal, which I still use but I focus on actually writing in my bible more now. The two main things that I do are color coding and bible verse mapping.

Color Coding

I started color coding first. I used different color codes until I collaborated them into what made sense to me. The color coding allows me to read through the Word and give ownership to the verses. Separating the verses up and really connecting with who is saying what or what meaning is actually being said creates the relationship that I talked about above. Below is the color coding list

IMG_1524.JPGthat I use during my studies:

Purple: God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Savior, Messiah

Turquoise:  Women of the Bible

Red: Love, Kindness, Mercy, Compassion, Peace, Grace

Green: Faith, Obedience, Fruit, Salvation, Fellowship, Repentance

Yellow: Worship, Prayer, Praise, Doctrine, Angels, Miracle, Power of God, Blessings

Blue: Wisdom, Teaching, Instruction, Command

Orange: Prophecy, History, Times, Places, Kings, Genealogies, People, Numbers, Covenants, Vows, Vision Oaths, Future

Brown: Satan, Sin, Death, Hell, Evil, Idols, False Teachings, Temptation

            Bible Verse Mapping

This is the newest part of my Bible studies. I began Bible verse mapping because I wanted to dig deeper inside the Bible. I start by reading one verse at a time and finding what I believe to be the main point or something that catches my heart.

Let’s take a look at the picture from my Bible study of Mark 2:1-7. I circled RenderedImage-1Capernaum and connected it to “removed the roof above him.” From this connection, I wrote off to the side that 1) The men who carried their friend up to the roof actually removed Jesus’ roof because it was His house that everyone was crowded in and 2) These men are the example of taking each other’s burdens to the cross. A small part of two different verses can come together to have a bigger meaning.

The next connection example we can look at isthe word faith that is circled. The word can be defined in two separate places in Hebrews 11:1 and James 5:15. By finding different places in the Bible that explain the same thing help pull it all together. It is actually really cool when a prophecy from the Old Testament happens the way it was said to be done in the New Testament.

The last connection for these verses happens in verse 7 where I have circled “He is blaspheming.” The connection I made for this was for Mark 14:64 where Jesus is at the council for the decision of His death. This one small part that the scribes say about Jesus leads to the foreshadowing of them trying to call a bluff that really isn’t there. They didn’t want to believe that Jesus is the son of God.

All of these connection, even in seven verses, helps me understand the Word. It allows me to see what God intended for me to see and study. The bible mapping grows my relationship with God. I have begun to stop focusing on the destination and focusing on the journey I am on with God.

I hope this guide has helped answer any questions you might have while digging into the word. If you have questions please feel free to comment or emailing me those questions so I can help you out in any way I can!

Now go out and rock your Bible study!!!


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