The Mark Study

History Behind the Gospel of Mark

This particular gospel was written by John Mark, also known as Mark, from the teaching of Peter to the Romans, or at least to the Gentiles. The gospel was known to be written sometime between 60 A.D. and 80 A.D. The geographical setting for all of the stories within Mark happen in the Palestine area. This book is unique compared to the other gospels because instead of documenting all of the words that Jesus said, it documents everything Jesus did. The urgency of the writing that can be sensed throughout this gospel was due to the passing of those who experienced first-hand who Jesus was and what His mission was. Without these people, the truth could have been lost. Mark’s mission was to document all of Peter’s teachings so the good news of what Jesus did could continue to spread. Many believe that Mark was the first gospel to be written. Regardless of which gospel was written first, Mark was written to grab the attention of the readers to help them understand the truth about Jesus.

Why Mark?

First off, Mark tends to be an easier book to read and understand compared to the other gospels. This is due to the hasty and quick writings in the gospel of what Jesus did instead of all of the long dialogs about what Jesus said. I want this to be a place where we can all be confident in diving into the Word and not be scared of where to start.

I decided to start the bible studies for Kingdom Hunters with the gospel of Mark due to it describing what Jesus did. Jesus did not come here to be served, but He came here to serve others. Understanding who Jesus is and what He came to earth to do allows us to completely understand our true purpose. Mark’s urgency to get the word out to the Gentiles, gives us an example of how we should spread the word. We want others to get that chance to hear God’s truth.  This is how we should live our lives. We should be on a mission to talk about the truth of God’s word instead of fearing the reputation of what the world may give us. BE FEARLESS TO SHARE THE GOSPEL!

Schedule for the Mark Study

Week 1 (July 12): Chapters 1-2

Week 2 (July 19): Chapters 3-4

Week 3 (July 26): Chapters 5-6

Week 4 (August 2): Chapters 7-8

Week 5 (August 9): Chapters 9-10

Week 6 (August 16): Chapters 11-12

Week 7 (August 23): Chapters 13-14

Week 8 (August 30): Chapters 15-16


I know that 8 weeks seems like a long time, but I feel that this allows us to completely dive into the Word and will help us become closer to God! This will also help out with how crazy and busy life can get. We have nothing but our dedicated time with God, so why rush it? It’s more about the journey instead of the destination.

I hope that this particular study will help spark the thirst for God you have been yearning for each day! I feel that this study represents Kingdom Hunters as a whole, going to make disciples of ourselves so that we can go out and share the beautiful truth of our Lord just like Mark did! Let’s strive to have less of ourselves and more of God showing through our lives!


“As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God.”

–Psalms 42:1


P.S. Be on the lookout for my next post in the blog category about how I prepare and do my bible studies each day!! This might help you while we are studying Mark!






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