Kingdom Hunters and the Future

Wow! How awesome is this. Let me tell you that God works in mysterious, wonderful ways. I have always thought blogging was a great way to learn and express yourself, but never thought this is what I would be called to do.

After I started going back to church in August 2016, not because I had to but because I wanted to be in the presence of God, I have felt God move in me and through me. The funny thing about God is that you hear He moves you to get out of your comfort zone. Every day I have prayed that God would push me out of my comfort zone to help build His kingdom. Well what do you know, after I graduated in December I heard God telling me, “Natalie, you are going to share your story.”

I thought HOW AWESOME IS THIS! I just had no clue how. Do I mind talking in front of people? Sign me up I love to talk to people. Do I like people reading what I write? Um…no. Truth is one of my biggest fears is having someone read what I wrote because I know that I have messed up grammatically somewhere. Cool thing about God is that He uses your fears and weaknesses to bring out the beauty inside you!

Now, enters KINGDOM HUNTERS. This is the name that I felt exemplified the meaning of this blog. Jesus called upon twelve men to go out and spread his word so that others could spread the word (Matthew 28:19). I know that trying to change the world seems scary, but it really isn’t when you think about how Jesus came and died for our sins. The disciples didn’t have to change the whole world, they just had to change their world. This is the same for you and me. Just by changing my world I can change the world of someone else. It’s a ripple effect. When I go out and change how I act to please the Lord this will at some point impact someone else. That person, whose whole world is different than my world, will then go out and make an impact on someone else. We are all building the kingdom. We are all warriors for God. WE ARE KINGDOM HUNTERS.

What will I be bringing to you to help impact your life? I will be using this blog to help you see we all walk through the same things through articles like this. I am also going to help those who are nervous about bible studies or just don’t know where to start by having monthly bible studies! This way if you haven’t found that community where you are just yet or you are yearning for more ways to dig into the word, you will always have KINGDOM HUNTERS as your community.

I want to have a place where I can touch as many people as possible. Whether it is one person or a whole arena full of people. It doesn’t matter. My purpose is to share His word through my life. Come here and just lay your burdens, worries, fears, or hey even praises down at the cross with me as we dive into the word together.


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